A clear company dashboard is an advantage when it comes to visualizing your information and get a good monitoring. Dashboards is used to monitor detailed operating results; weekly, daily, hourly, but even in real time. A factor of success to consider when using 4DECISION is to integrate a "dashboard" of information from various areas within a company. Based on this, the dashboard represents the company's KPIs, trends and expectations. A dashboard presents KPIs in different data visualization elements which illustrate status for now. 4DECISION views allow the user to make a deeper analysis and to compare information and drill down into the information for a more detailed picture. 4DECISION constitute a channel from the company's information to decision makers. The presentations can range from the simple inclusion of fixed reports to the production of complete interactive tables, charts, KPIs and gauges with traceable functionality, with associated metadata definitions and analysis capabilities. 4DECISIONs strength lies in processing and distribution of information, without the need for IT expertise. The company's data will be in a form that makes the right information, in the right form, at the right interactivity, at the right time, to the right recipient in the right format for network computers, tablets and even mobile phones.