What does it mean to be a partner with 4IT AB?

As a reseller of 4IT AB software you will have the opportunity to help your customers to build a robust and structured Business Intelligence platform based on well-known Microsoft technology. 4IT AB solutions provide your customers with the possibility to monitor, analyse and goal-orient their information needs.

4IT AB is a challenger on the Business Intelligence market. We develop completely web-based solutions for the BI market. By 4IT AB 15 years of experience you can feel safe to offer your customers the best solution for their business intelligence needs. It creates security for you and business value for your customers.

If you become a partner to us you will receive a higher discount, the more you sell. The requirement for being a partner is that you reach a certain volume of purchases every year. There is also the opportunity to become a broker of our solutions if you not reach the volume of purchases to be a partner. This means that you get a commission as thanks for your help for the business that you generate to us. The commission to you as a broker is payed once a year.

Three different partner models

Consultant partner

If you have specialized expertise in system architecture, which means to define the relationship between different parts of the system and in a transparent way to describe how they are constructed. You are now a system integrator where it is now about maximizing the efficiency of a client’s investment, by reusing existing systems, services and modules which creates a more process-oriented IT operations that generate considerable savings.

You work with the system for delivering support and availability of business-critical processes and thereby support your clients in their IT operations move from quantity to quality. In all these cases, the 4it AB BI solutions, a powerful addition to your ability to deliver business value to existing customers. Contact us for a deeper discussion.


If you are a developer and reseller of any business platform or business software and you would want to include reports consisting of tables, graphs, KPI: s and gauges in to your platform you are most welcome to contact us to investigate the possibilities with our solutions. We have successfully implemented our tools to a broad range of applications. Running inside applications for collections of Big Data from computer servers, mobile units, sensors to ERP, OLF and CRM software.