­Goal Orientation

To compare your company’s results to the decided goals is a critical task for any management. With the help of 4DECISION users can control how the business is doing in relation to the company's goals. Middle managers should transform the company plans to clear operational targets, monitor progress and coordinate the efforts and activities of their subordinates. One way to communicate the goals is through the reports. Traditionally how to manage performance is through a large number of paper reports produced at regular intervals. The persons concerned, aware of the difficulties, spend a limited time on them and hopefully they react to the content. A clear indication that there is potential for improvement of performance management is a rich report flow. One problem that can arise in reporting is that the user gets too many unnecessary reports. This leads to too much information, which in turn leads to that the reports are discarded without filling its function. By limiting the KPIs and including only relevant information that supports the company's decision to increase clarity is the best way to avoid those problems. Therefore it is an advantage in performance management to measure and find the right information related to what the company really wants to measure, especially so that users know which KPIs they should confine themselves to. A well implemented decision support systems can provide support to the employees for the continuous monitoring of the company’s results to the decided goals.